Collaborative time in the Forest of Dean with Mollie Meager and Penny Somerville christening Mol’s new straw bale studio. We walked in the woods for hours finding glimpses of the Severn as we walked higher and also came across the encampment of Yurts at Yorkley Court, felt transported to a medieval era. The sun shone and we went to the Severn to do a ritual ‘tying of the threads’ the tatters of Chris’ favourite shirts that Mol and I ripped up the previous night. It was so cold I thought my hands and feet would never recover! The Phd does focus me to doing what requires doing. It was great start to the project film and photographic footage shot by Pen of Mol and I tying the tatters to the fence. i can now go back periodically to photograph, draw, observe, be – maybe each month to follow the moon cycle as it was the day of the full moon when we did it.. We also went to see the Severn Bore, the power of that current is incredible (it wasn’t even a particularly large or dramatic one) such a whoosh of energy it certainly connected to the whoosh of my rekindled sexuality.

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