‘A twice told tale’ The way people make sense of past, present and imagined lives over time. Never complete, relational, and self reflexive – a discursive accomplishment of interviewer, interviewee and readers (Rieesman 2004) Stories shape us as we shape stories (Rieesman 2008) There is the potential to be profoundly changed by participatory action research.If we change the stories we live by, quite possibly we change our lives. (Ben Okri)

How do people cope with challenges? Re-storying, reading horizontally across stories (Cresswell 2007) Group story telling process – think back, set scene for story, tell stories, transcript given back to participant for editing. Validation of having story listened to and heard. When we read a text (biography, novel, transcript of an interview we construct meaning (Reissman 2006).

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