An informative, thought-provoking, collaborative and fun event with a well planned mix of activities and speakers whose provocations sparked lively discussions. Richard Huxtable’s big questions started the day – What is a good/bad death? Where do you want to die? How should we care for the dying person? How should death (not) occur? They gave a focus for Molly Conisbee to introduce the Ars Moriendi and invite the participants to start to talk about writing/drawing one for the Twenty-First Century. after a death walk round the docks and a gorgeous lunch, John Troyer asked us to consider disposing of our dead how we use culture as a way of dealing with the terror of death and the key challenges of thanatological chic and nostalgia! This lead to further roundtable small group discussions before Su Chard gave her celebrant’s lived experience of the theatre of fresh death. The closing ritual of red wine and rosemary by Helen Frisby was a considered ending to a kind and thoughtful day. Thanks Gail Lambourne and Tim Cole and the rest of the Brigstow Institute. I just need to work up my idea for some research now!

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