Glenn decided he would like to revisit Anglesey the place Sue was making her Library of Pilgrimage Box about, revist the ancient monuments they had visited the summer before, retrace the journeys, but this time take some of Sue’s cremated remains and place them in the spots she physically could not access in life in her wheelchair, because of the fences and gates – another pilgrimage. We took all the maps she had notated, the Janet and Colin Bord book of ancient monuments, her notebook to help us figure out how to realise her ideas into form. We returned to where they had stayed with all the red dogs and spent three days revisiting for Glenn, experiencing for the first time for me, the burial chambers/cromlechs of Ty Mawr, Din LLigwy and Trefignath. Glenn wept, scattered ash, wrote, placed a white stone on each monument for her. It was written as an instruction in her notebook – “place a stone, a white one for me”. I took photos, wept and let my missing of Sue be in those places, as Glenn remarked later “burial mounds for the dead”. Our actions were about death and absence, staying contacted to this much loved and extraordinary woman, taking something creative forward.


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