The research for this project began back in 2013 (see blog post https://davinakirkpatrick.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/being-with-pen-and-mol/) and formed part of Chapter Five – Performance in Place of my PhD thesis Grief and loss; living with the presence of absence. A practice based study of personal grief narratives and participatory projects. The ideas have contributed to the following papers – Stories, lost voices, absence through loss and landscapes; a practice based investigation. Post Graduate Research Day, University Of The West of England, Bristol, June 2014. Haunted Landscapes – Tying the threads, navigating uncertain ground; grief, loss and tidal landscapes. AIR talk, Falmouth University, July 2014. Tying the threads, navigating uncertain ground; grief, loss and tidal landscapes. Sense of Place, 12th Symposium WaddenAcademie, Holland June 2014.

I start with that writing –Tying the ThreadsfromPhDch5

From monthly visits over two years (2013-2015) and more sporadic visits since 2015 I have amassed hundreds of photos. A small selection, that showed the linearity of decay in contrast to the non-linearity of my grief, were shown at Expositions, co-curated with Carol Laidler at Back Lane West in Redruth  in February 2016 and at my PhD show at Bower Ashton, UWE in December 2016. These photos formed the basis of my library of pilgrimage artwork.

Inside the box, concertina folded, the journey from the tatters of Chris’ favourite shirts tied to the fence at Black Rock nature reserve, washed by the tide twice daily, to their disintegration and disappearance. Told in photographic form on one side and on the other in a series of image transfer and drypoint prints; the repetitious process echoing the revisiting of the site.

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