There was more than one occasion in the last few weeks when I questioned the efficacy of the decision to have an exhibition at the same time as my viva. It was so much additional work yet I felt I had to have the practice sitting alongside the thesis not just in reproduced illustrations within the thesis but so my examiners could commune with the work, live and in the moment and in another iteration, that responded to the different space of the gallery at Bower Ashton to Back Lane West, a high ceilinged light filled space, where for example – the sound of the film became more important than the visual. The rhythm of each work in response and conversation with each other and then a viewing audience. The arts practice is part of the enquiry and it is also art and needed to be given breathing space, viewing space within a gallery setting.

I could however not have got it all together without the help of Glenn Hall,Angie Butler and Luisa Holder fetching, carrying, holding work straight, still and problem solving installation challenges specific to that space and my work.

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