I just sat down and did it after thinking about it for days. I knew I wanted to use the TV series Fleabag as one of the few examples of a woman talking about using sex as a way of dealing with grief and loss. Her visceral impassioned speech in the final episode forms and frames the beginning of the presentation. It will fix their attention. I also want to include film of Ulf sleeping. I want him there, present and as I can’t have him really there on film will do, he is such a significant part of my grief process. (I do also wonder if I am kicking back against Iain saying Ulf can’t be in your viva and don’t say fuck!)





/9 Sept film presentation in TV studio/ sort DVDs

Matt and Mark were great letting me record it a number of times against the green screen until I was happy with the delivery. Then we dropped in the film of Ulf sleeping behind me, perfect as he rouses just as I finish the 10min presentation.

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