I finally got back to St. Mellions and my nephew and his girlfriend helped me slap more clay on the trees that remain from the time of Owain Jones family farm.

There was a faint mark from the ones I’ve done before so could get it as near as possible to the original. This re-visiting is interesting though and I am reminded of what Ingold (2000/01) calls “guided rediscovery”, as he says “but each retracing is an original movement not a replica”.

I am carrying out acts of remembrance not only of Owain’s past but of our original visit.

As Ingold (2000: 189) proposes:

to perceive the landscape is therefore to carry out an act of remembrance, and remembering is not so much a matter of calling up an internal image, stored in the mind, as of engaging perceptually with an environment that is itself pregnant with the past.

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