First exhibition at Back lane West Residency.

The practice is presented with the exhibitions to show how the artworks work in conversation with each other and the conversations they stimulated and then how each particular project informed the next. The identified themes of control and structure, transformation, intermediary/transitional space, troubling at linear time, the use of visual and material metaphors and intensity weave through the projects.

I am testing the idea of creating a space where greater communication of grief and loss can occur through a residency and a series of exhibitions at Back lane West co-curated with Carol Laidler. I will present three iterations of work and in this first exhibition I launched the project Objects of Loss.

My main intention for doing the residency was to finish and document the work in exhibition mode; it places it within a relational context.

t is important to show the images, taking the time and attention to present them sympathetically to expand their impact. Even though I find the process frustratingly time-consuming and difficult, because I am aware of a vulnerability in exposing the work to public scrutiny, I could also see the work finished, complete and in the context of exhibited work.


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