I was invited to present at this Conference, at Plymouth University, by Natalie Raven and Steven Paige along with Richard Brown, Gemma Chatwin, Lucie Hernandez, Klara Lucznik, Ivan Magrin Chagnolleau, Teoma Jackson Naccarato, Adam Russell, Federico Visi, Eve Wedderburn, the keynote was given by Rachel Hann. It explored a myriad of practice as research responses and provocations.

I stayed for the weekend so i could take part in the Talking about practice event organised by Lee Miller a great mix of speakers and workshops that complemented the Friday conference and was an inspirational start to my residency at Back lane West Redruth. I also managed to meet and ask Joanne Bob Whalley if she would be my external examiner and she said yes! The PhD jigsaw pieces are starting to fall into place.

PaRPosterPaR Weekend Programme



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