I needed some time on my own to weep in the Basilica and light a candle for Chris. It was achingly beautiful. Afterwards I required coffee and food to regain my equilibrium before subjecting my soul to more mystical beauty at the Academia – finding the picture that adorns my copy of Miss Garnet’s Angel.

I had forgotten how so much of the novel is about death and dogs, maybe it can be included in my paper for QI on solace and friendship?

I sit drinking CampariĀ spritz – I grow accustomed to it’s astringent quality – it somehow suits the sunshine here and I like the way it softens my internal edges!

I found Angelo Raffelle but couldn’t find The Chapel of the Plague (my self imposed quest to follow the map in Miss Garnet’s Angel to find the novel’s locations) I sprinkled some of Chris’ ashes and took photos. It felt the right place, with the Angel Raphael, Tobias, his fish and his dog overlooking me


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