In the question and answer session after my talk I talked about what I wanted to talk about in Holland –

How I see that the personal is political. That I structure the presentation in a considered and particular way so people have a bodily/emotional response of uncertainty/confusion/ being pulled into something without initial explanation or framing. This comes later. The presentations are performative, as Andrew Spicer commented if I was to offer up an explanation at the beginning what came after would just be an illustration of that, it would lose impact.

I want the practice to have equal strengthen and validity, it is a different way of knowing. I don’t want to heirachically order the information so the theory/explanation is given first billing! I do need to think through how this affects the structure of the PhD thesis.

The comment I got from one of the other students was it was very moving and that I offered up a contrast with how Western society treats grief/death; I showed a way of it flowing alongside me not being a static relationship.

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