Flexo-plates made with addresses,we left a bit of the coating on the plate so the textures remain. Hope they will work well when I press into the paper clay. This afternoon’s task! 76 me to him 112 him to me! An afternoon of meditative production.

It was a bit ambitious to think I could make 188 paper clay envelopes in one session I made 40!

I only managed to laser engrave slippers onto 3 envelopes as they took 31 minutes each, hmm think I will have just three lasered with no oxides and then the rest either just pressed into flexo-plate and card template or with the laser cut and engraved MDF small slippers pressed in.

I also decided not to use oxides on both sides after a conversation with Rachel opened up another possibility, black under glaze on the side touching the kiln shelf, and I thought I can vary this on the next batch have the under glaze on the envelope back and the oxide on the address side.  A good practical solution that also gives an aesthetic variation, more matt than metallic.

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