Environment and sustainability Institute, Research and Creative Industries Workshops. Unexpectedly found myself at this as I’d gone to have coffee with Tanya and then saw Antony.
Interesting presentations of trans-disciplinary projects within the creative exchange programme. Catlin De Silvey’s comments on the strengthens of these projects resonated; providing opportunities for different ways of seeing the world, labels sometimes matter for strategic reasons, but complexity needs recognizing, shared questions and concerns – messiness-defining and re-defining terms.

The first slide in Anne Marie Culhane talk really caught my attention ”

“In my practice at different moments I am performing, dancing, book binding, crafting, negotiating, documenting, harvesting, planting, choreographing, listening, holding spaces, saving seeds, foraging, brewing, cooking, lobbying, welcoming, protesting, interviewing, writing poetry, feasting, responding, walking, exchanging, drawing, collecting, designing, negotiating, shaping, observing, researching, inviting people in.” 2012

She told me “”the slide came out of a week that I did with a group of artists at the Arvon Foundation where we were writing about our work for a forthcoming publication called Playing For Time – edited by Lucy Neal and Charlotte Du Cann which should be out in spring 2015. It looks at lots of examples and case studies of ‘transitional’ artists (another term!!) who are:  looking at the patterns and methods of ‘transitional arts practice’: acts of creative community that help us imagine the world differently as the first step towards creating a more viable positive future. – See more at: http://blog.artscouncil.org.uk/blog/arts-council-england-blog/playing-time#sthash.XmPWpgdN.dpuf

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