For Postgraduate Research Evening at Bower Ashton, UWE organised by Junior Fellow Carol Laidler. Both Ciara Healey and myself presented our recent PhD research. I really saw how Ciara’s research has deepened and become more focussed since she presented her ideas last summer. I always think with each presentation I do that I will be revealed to be a complete fraud! I think it’s to do with feeling I am walking on an edge holding the authenticity of the subjective but wanting to also keep a crticality present. Iain astutely commented that it is like watching a tightrope walker he holds his breath concerned I may fall but I always make it safely to the other side!

Ciara’s question about whether it is purely a white Western experience to feel death and grief is not talked about prompts me to wonder if I need to do more research about other cultures. I did read stuff early on around funereal rituals but maybe I need to revisit some of this. Maybe I need to have conversations with people from other ethnicities who reside in the UK? I can feel overwhelmed by what I haven’t read or researched.

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