Feel my inaugural chairing at Haunted Landscapes was efficient, timely, thoughtful and caring….I remained calm whilst the technology faltered and took water from reception so the speakers had something to drink. I would have liked to have at the end gathered the essence of them all as I realise now that gives a moment for the words to settle in the audience and a breathe or two before the audience or the speakers need to respond….and that is helpful I think.

I wobbled halfway through my own presentation, Embodied absence and evoking the ancestors – a personal and collaborative encounter, it was so different from the preceding one full of laughter and bravado but T said that it was precisely this counterbalance she found so moving. She questioned why I would choose to bring the personal into the academic but the comment was not attacking simply incredulous….and I responded by saying how passionate I felt about initiating conversations about grief and loss, challenging assumptions and expectations. I really liked her and want to stay in touch with her….

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