Land 2 and PLaCE Drawing Symposium, Plymouth College of Art.

I am excited about the ideas that have been generated by this symposium, of working with the images from the residencies at CAKE, Ireland and Bildwerk Frauneau, Germany and being playful with exploring ‘transgressing and filling the spaces rather than the images being held or fixed’ (Mary Modeen), creating slippage, uncertain ground because that relates to my experience of grief and my new Chris-less or maybe more accurately Chris differently configured life.

Mary Modeen talked of the act of drawing – Being present by being witness  this relates to my conversation with Liz Nicol about why she photographed and I drew our respective dead partners.

 Iain Biggs talking of the film he and Antony Lyons have created – “ the camera treats drawings as raw material – not entities but moving between- draws with material – this gives a context to his suggestion, made on his studio visit,  that the glass pieces are on the way toward something.


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