I woke remembering IB talking about how he wrote for two hours before going to work in order to find time, without interruption, for his PhD; I think it’s a good strategy, not sure if I could adopt it but worth giving it a try. I have the luxury of control over how I structure my days now I live alone, but find it almost impossible to get through the mire of displacement activities and get to reading. Maybe I need to up end this, start with the reading for two hours each morning; I could even do it before going to work, on my work days, if I did 6-8am. I could even do it before gong to UWE when I’m in Bristol. I can’t see how else I am going to grapple with all I feel I need to read and hold that with everything else I do. Well it’s New Year’s Eve a traditional time to think of resolutions. I could try it for this next week, resolve to do that and see how it goes, that feels do-able!

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