We walk firstly through the streets and then the surrounding fields before finally walking through the entrance to the grand house, at Corsham. Memories return for her and are shared. We start to talk through what could be possible with the artefacts she still has; the project briefs some typed, some hand written that once filled her head and drove fear and anxiety into her heart and also the drawing made from an upstairs window.

Gradually as we walk we hatch a plan to redraw the drawing, bring the past together with now. She stopped drawing whilst there and starting again some time after leaving the course, reconnecting her with why she had desired to go to art college in the first place. Her desire for drawing got lost in the mass of briefs and expectations. I imagine some of the briefs, overlaid on each other, printed on sheer fabric hanging in the windows to mediate and partially obscure the view. As artefacts they are visually interesting – a mixture of typeface and different hand written script; some are hilarious – imagine oneself as a religious figure!

We could print them together at UWE.

We go for lunch and start to form a plan.

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