Tired after screen print yesterday and I marvel at how Claire Halifax does this day after day! It was good to reprint the third duo-tone again on a 120 screen rather than 150 and get Dave to print one or two, its like my body echoes his, holding the squeegee at a more acute angle and pulling with more strengthen and confidence. The results were better apart from having to reprocess the screen for the second image because there was one of my hairs on the processing bed so it got added to the image and left a white line on the print!

Monique’s larger screen print at the mini-print exhibition was inspiring in terms of its simplicity black screen print on white paper, reduced image trees and snow and liked how it was printed/cut right up to the edge. Maybe I could do something similar with the glory wood imagery and add some laser cutting burn marks?!

It’s good to be back in textiles printing getting inspired by the printing going on around me, particularly opaque prints on translucent fabric; and getting excited again about heat transfer. The photocopies I had brought with me from Cornwall worked so I can confidently do more. I also noted down some of Becky’s recipes for colours/strengths of dye.


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