A really inspiring lecture Ms Forbes and the Grey Man by Jonanne ‘Bob’ Whalley and Lee Miller. I find  the combination of personableness, artistic practice, academic analysis and deconstruction so alluring. I like the structure of the talk -Starting with a narrative with uncertain elements and evocative deep description before framing it and giving information, explanation and the question being teased out so what was coda becomes a preface. I feel this draws people in, engages them, holds them in a space of uncertainty – possibly gives a phenomenological experience of one’s own place of starting, in trying to tease something out. I like that the motivation for the paper felt like it came from an experience that niggled, was disappointing and prompted an examination of presence, absence and authenticity in performance.

The ideas that resonated most strongly – and that I need to research further;-

The binary assumptions -Derrida when talking of absence trace/ghost,of that which is not.

Schechener as/is, out with -problem of trace understanding of what is by what is not,problem of trace.

Mckenzie a third way alternative way and also third space Sojer

Geographical imagination- spatial oppositions real versus imagined is the first space, perceptual space is the second space  and the third space as strategy of resistance. Innovation becomes about dwelling and in-between-ness.

 How do I capture that in’ she wanders/wonders’  I wonder? Maybe fading out blur to whiteness…’a holding pattern’ a moment of respite. The spaces in between are worth me thinking about…and maybe the darning on the pink gloves/ the drawings of M and I prepping C’s body? ….the transitions between drama.

I need to look at some of the examples cited;-

Abramovic/-Night sea crossing/The artist is present (Amelia Jones exemplifies what is lost when performance is lost curated etc) reification of singular ocular glance.  Always one eye on the archive rather than dwelling in  any given moment.

 Baktruppen- Do and undo – Phenomenological as well as an ontological experience.  Holding together by haptic means. The tears…..a middle aged woman sits and weeps for minutes and then something shifts….witnessing of something not authentic but something in-between. Empathetic connections how performers hold space – how does it transform an audience?  Parody and heartbreak combination.

Jesper Just – spaces in between bodies- imp of disappearance filmic representations of reality…..carnival and uncanny séance Bakhtin/Freud/ Abjection- Kristeva.  Oneric space/ Bachellard dream-like space in contact with reality of the world but also outside it sounds comes and goes, music is revelatory. Bliss and heaven the flicker of light at end interests me, digetic and non digetic sounds – no word lyrics yes but no words.

Space in-between absence of coherent reality, the manly driver is repositioned…(The beaver trilogy – Trent Harris) Grasp of a singular reality slips away….gaze has shifted younger man steps into light.

 Moments of disappearance as powerful….moving with uncertainty…it is important for me to think about how I move in the dress.

Loss possibly inhabits the stretched space between, confounding and confronting expectations. Affect still affecting in-between space as one goes away from encounter; the temporal frame is extended.






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