After my delight of being back making practical work and the fact that I had got the folexs sorted so quickly of course that is the beginning of the process and I had not bargained for my feelings of de-skilling once I was trying to screen print again; I need to trust that I do remember this process I have muscle memory.

I think I did blast some of the image off when I used the power wash rather than the spray after exposing the image, forgetting that the exposure unit functions better here and you can be gentler with emulsion, subsequently the prints were very textured

It was interesting to then show them to Angie who came from a different perspective, not print perfection and what they suggested to her and what she responded to; She likes the texture and we talked about the interesting textures created by the duo tone. I pondered on changing the colour way to silver and Paynes grey with a little blue added and experimenting with printing onto newsprint as the image sits on the surface of it rather than sinks in to the expensive arches 88 paper. I also like the off white colour of the newsprint. 


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