Red book

Lives of Objects Conference, Wolfson College, Oxford.

Life becomes more and more extraordinary. The places I find myself by the choices I make and the juxtaposition of places, conversations and selves is si exciting., enlivening and expansive. I feel I am in my body and in my life fully and delighting in everything; opening myself to every new experience.

I have half an hour before the Pimm’s Reception I felt so full of papers, excitement of connections made and new ideas to explore that I took some time out to come and look at Bill Prosser’s powerfully still, quiet drawings; evocative images that feel like an invocation of Bachelard’s Poetics of Space. They remind me again that the quality and attention of looking and focussing on the minutiae of the everyday can elevate the everyday into something else, something other. It is good to remember that as I start to think about the collaborative rituals i want to undertake in the coming months.

I’ve done it delivered the The life of Red paper and showed the largeĀ concertina book of the artwork we created. I delivered it eloquently, lyrically, performatively.

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