I sat in the afternoon session, after arriving late as Paul had been setting up Visimeet on my computer, thinking – Oh fuck, I’ve really ballsed this up as I read through my presentation spliced together with bits of my progression report. I thought this makes no sense, has no structure, particularly after listening to Ciara Healey’s, her thinking seemed to have moved on so much since I last saw her talk. Also having one of my progression examiners there I felt a bit scared. I started to try to add something else in but decided I had to do it the way I’d planned – starting with the narrative text and then moving into auto-ethnography and then questions, aims and objectives, methodology and what practice I have been exploring.

I got great feedback from someone about how poetic it was though I didn’t really understand her question about where was the I, I thought that’s mostly what i had been speaking about! Andrew talked about the challenge of structure in aPhD dissertation, I know this is something I have yet to grapple with. How I get the structure to work for me rather than be constrained by it? But then he came and asked if I would present to the faculty on the 11th as I was so good at articulating practice based research.  How can my self-preception be so skewed?

Both Angie and Ciara said how clear the presentation was. Angie today over lunch was praising the performance aspect, the poetics of the writing, how she felt transported, the use of the repetition of the she wonders/wanders line painted pictures in her mind and acted as a pause point, a moment of reflection. Wow, she said all that I hope to achieve in a presentation, can I really be doing it?

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