I was excited to be here again writing with Jane speedy, Sue Porter, Artemi Sakellariadis, Jonathan and Tessa Wyatt. I’m part of this group and I love that I am accepted for just being me.

Funny that when I said last night that our meeting up prompted me to get the red book made of all our artwork, Jane said “really? I’d forgotten you had even said you would” My condition of worth then!.I’m glad it motivated me to do it as I now have a glorious object that can come with me to The lives of Objects Conference in Oxford.

It seems one of the challenges of collaborative writing is to let go of one’s sense of rightness and the indignation this can cause if one doesn’t. The tussle with one’s ego, I noticed how I struggled with adding into a prologue that had skilfully been identified with one person by they way they had written it, did it mean my words would get subsumed, how could I identify them as mine and why is that important? Of course my ego is fragile and I craft my words, it is about surrendering and gifting them it seems. It can be difficult especially if one is unsure of the level of awareness of the games being played, I desire to gently challenge!

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