I left the mountains and the pine forests of Frauenau to come to mountains and pine forests in Scotland, and lots and lots of water.

Conversation and connection is as useful and valuable as making work right now. It’s really good to back in the company of Khalid Alsayed, Kevin Smith, Esme McDonald, Harriet Yarrington (all Duncan of Jordanstone MFA students), Rob Irving, and Ciara Healey,(fellow PhD students at UWE) Iain Biggs and Mary Modeen.

Kevin and I sat at an ancient burial mound and talked about death, grief, coping strategies, how the drawings of found photos relate back to his experiences of sudden and unexpected death.

I dreamt of Chris’ funeral last night, in the dream his body had been removed from his coffin and placed on the bier. He was so pale almost translucent not decomposed and everyone around was talking and taking photos of him and I was disturbed by this. I talked of his funeral last night ,maybe I carried that into my dreams as I haven’t remembered dreams of him in awhile.

The photos I am taking reflect an interest in marks and impressions left in stone or deliberately carved in stone but having a visual resonance of something being missing or worn away and the glints and hints of light and shadow in the burial cairns.















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