A narrative enquiry of death and dying in the lives of junior doctors. An excellent lecture and after discussing it with Iain over lunch the next day he suggested I could cite Marina’s methodology of using narrative and conversation to open up discussion as precedent for my own. The structure of the talk was really clear – outline(trigger/method/findings/application), process, methodology, areas of exploration. I hope one day I can be this clear! Trigger- Wonder (Clandinin and Connelly- Narrative Enquiry) Emotive conversations, vacuum in education, voraciousness to talk about death, curriculum and work pressures. Narrative enquiry – collaborative process, highlights uniqueness, narrates and constructs text, reflects back the problem one is looking into. Process- Ethics, recruitment, narrative interviewing, review of medical lit around palliative care, thematic analysis of GMC texts/educational texts, interpretation and analysis- valuing depth and messiness of experiences, writing as method inquiry – short stories from interviews. This interests and excites me as a possible way forward with my interviews?

Also need to look at Gadamer – philosophical theory of experience.

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