I feel I need to remember Owain’s words of his hunger for tides and a changing landscape when we do our collaboration. I think of the evocative power of photographs and the shimmer of loss.

Th e world is a weave of processes – a complex passing of events (Whitehead 64:78) but there is blindness to process as opposed to objects. Stories are the essence of life the essence of Time (Byatt online). Narrative as a source of methodological innovation and political possibility (Serres).

Aware that when Antony showed pictures of Torrdige that it is a beautiful landscape, that mud can be beautiful! I remember the conversations I had with the inhabitants of Whitehaven about the mud before the water got contained and an artificial harbour was made; it is the role of the artist to challenge notions of beauty perhaps?

I was inspired the simplicity of ‘five objects’ and the complexity that one can then weave from this, the connections and interconnections of the Severn estuary work connecting the iconic images of Dylan waiting for the ferry across the Severn in 1966 and Beuys contemplating Joyce’s ‘scrotum tightening sea’ in Ireland. the relationship between story, myth, connections to specific land. The geo-poetic sculptural installations – a fusion of rational, imagination, physicality of materials and reaching out to hidden relationships.

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