Situated cognition a practice as research, this was a simultaneous Skype presentation to UWE, Universities of Plymouth and Falmouth. The ideas that pique my interest

(P)ostmodern offers precisely that certain use of irony and parody as a form of ironic representation. It is doubly coded in political terms both legitimises and subverts that which it parodies (Sullivan 1989:101) There is a breach between learning and use which is captured by filk categories ‘know what’ and ‘know how’ may well be a product of the structure and practices. (Ibid:32)

Situation is the gentle unravelling of marital status, relevant because of what it allows him to evoke. Situated cognition – research (testing) and instinct- two ends of a process. Codes through which practice is constructed are complex and the ways in which these codes are deciphered are never absolute (Freeman 2010: 263)The research process is ‘infected’ ‘unhygienic’.

Fast and slow thinking – questions are asked later in slow thinking.

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