The presentation between Dr.Arno Boehler and Professor Susanne Granzer, working in Vienna across the boundaries of philosophy and acting, was exciting and thought-provoking.

I find it a surprise being in the company of so many academics, a little displaced, then immersed and then unsure because the contextualisation of creativity is very different from what I am used too, how terms translate/mutate across disciplines perhaps?

I enjoyed my exchanges in the tea breaks and then over dinner about the spaces in-between with Susanne and gave her Between Ineffable Intervals (http://www.wildconversations.co.uk/intervals/) and she seemed genuinely delighted. “Delightful Davina” she said smiling…having been delighted at my name…”goddess” she said on first hearing it and I was charmed of course and then fearful of having such moniker to live up to!


I had another exchange during the day, after mentioning the nature of my PhD, he talked of the death of his father and the ensuing depression that emanated from that time because it wasn’t the dramatic event he had imagined…..how he didn’t cry enough…as a younger self may have done. I am left with an unasked question – “What happened to all those uncried tears?” I mentioned the Bill Viola artwork The Crossing to him as I saw it in my mind as he talked.




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